Born of hearty German immigrants, Irene and Gunter, Ray is a long term So-Cal native. His family was deported back to the homeland for a bit after which they returned to the US and settled in North Hollywood. His father wanted him to play that European football, but due to his abnormal growth rate he chose the American variety. He proudly set the bench press record in Jr. High, which remains one of his greatest achievements. He became friends with Chris and Adam in grammar school and they had many ridiculous adventures. Ray continues to be lost in the supermarket of life, struggling to fit his over-sized personality into to confines of earthly existence. He is proud of his 25 years in therapy and 35 in the construction trades. His recent ordeal of purchasing and attempted renovation of a building in Tujunga CA would give Odysseus a run for his money. In between his rebar tying and brick pointing exploits he has participated in several entertainment ventures, including a starring role on the Adam Carolla Project reality show, set building for Crank Yankers, PA on the man show, and a producer for Jimmy Kimmel. He has 3 brothers, one of which won’t speak to him and he loved his mother very much.

He spends his idle time fixing shit for friends and swearing at golf balls.