Colin Cheer was grew up primarily on the east coast, living in Rhode Island and Boston. Suffering from more than the normal serving of teenage angst, he was saved by the magic of punk rock. He is an art school dropout who has explored a number of professions through the years. Early jobs include sign making, solar panel installer, general carpenter, and an artist and manager for several medium to large screen printing companies. With the advent of computer graphics, he quickly transitioned into digital illustration, starting with tech magazine covers and then getting sucked out to Los Angeles to do animation and effects for television. He started doing visual effects for the show ‘The Outer Limits’ and then moved into creating for comedies. For the past 14 years he has been one of the principal artists and animators on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He has also owned a number of homes along the way and has had a dangerous but relatively profitable habit of fixing them up. While not a master at any trade, he has jacked a number of them, including cabinetry, concrete counters, stained glass, plumbing, electrical, framing, and landscaping. He has a particular interest in eco friendly improvements, such as rainwater storage, solar water heating systems and water friendly landscaping.

He has 5 children, and has just started work on his latest domicile in North Hollywood CA.