Chris is a native of Los Angeles and happened to be born in the same hospital they filmed the 90s TV drama ER in. He was a childhood friend of Ray Oldhafer and Adam Carolla. They all played football together throughout their teens, in both Pop Warner and at North Hollywood high. The three of them had quite a number of adolescent hi jinx, many of which continued to be talked about and monetized by Adam on various media ventures. After high school Chris worked in the printing industry for a few years until Adam hit him up in the mid eighties to work with him digging footings for new foundations in pre 1933 buildings for earthquake retrofits. During this time he picked up a number of building skills, learning carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc. As time went on he became a foreman and learned to read blueprints and manage larger projects. He became a licensed contractor in 1999 and presently works in commercial tenant improvement for high rise buildings.

He still lives in the San Fernando valley and has too many children to count, several of which have followed in his athletic pursuits. He makes a mean tamale and loves working the local fair.