The Do Tell Ray Show podcast occupies a unique space in the expanding universe of serialized audio entertainment. Ray Oldhafer has a long history of high profile work in the medium, having been a long term partner with Adam Carolla, one of the form’s most successful pioneers. For 7 plus years Ray co-hosted the Ace on the House show with Adam and saw it grow from a nascent experiment to a powerful mainstay. Ray’s unique and indomitable personality as well as his extensive knowledge of the show’s central subject, building and home improvement, helped give the show an edge unlike any other in the genre. While Ray and Adam had a history that went back to early childhood and an often entertaining chemistry of conflict, the show was dominated by Adam’s acerbic comedic style and Ray was kept mostly in his place. Ray left Ace on the House at the end of 2017 to embarked on building his own brand of podcast.

The Do Tell Ray Show provides the same helpful and informed advice for those interested in construction with a more lively and upbeat energy. The show features two of Ray’s long term friends, Chris Boehm and Colin Cheer, in a sometimes chaotic and freewheeling discussion of home improvement and a range of other subjects. Ray’s ADD addled penchant for juggling multiple subjects and sometimes shocking honesty is kept somewhat in check by his partners and the result is an uncommon podcast experience. Since its inception the show has garnered rave reviews from its listeners. In the landscape of home improvement shows, the Do Tell Ray Show is much more akin to the fun of ‘Car Talk’ than the staid alternatives. Subjects range from how to fix a leaning chimney or waterproof a basement, to Tibetan meditation, slam dancing, and drunken high school pranks. The show features listener calls and a range of guests, including experienced tradesmen, interesting characters and the occasional celebrity.

While the show is only a few months in, the energy and chemistry of its hosts was clearly evident from the beginning. Unafraid to stumble into controversy and experiment with new ideas the show is likely to continue its momentum as a favorite for those interested in home improvement or just fun and unconventional conversations. Listener reviews are equally split on requesting either ‘more information’ or ‘more wacky banter’. Ray and his comrades intend to do both.