The Do Tell Ray Show E-42 Bionic Turkey, Broken Green Egg, Colin Wants off the Grid

November 23, 2018

In celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday we discuss turkey cooking techniques, things to be thankful for, and Ray’s impending family visit. Ray gets into a sad story about a broken Green Egg cooker and Colin talks some deep fry. Chris tries to muster up some shit to be thankful for but Ray wants to contemplate oblivion. We end up discussing fixing brick walkways, painting an old garage door, and how to tile over a brick fireplace. Finally Ray laments his issues with reading his own writing.

Lisa from Milwaukee’s garage door photos

Paint peeling off of a garage door Paint peeling off of a garage door.

Adam G.’s fireplace photos

Adam G.'s livingroom with a fireplace in the center. Closeup of brick and moulding on a fireplace Adam G.'s fireplace

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